What is NeuroTracker?



The world’s most advanced cognitive training software.


NeuroTracker provides objective cognitive metrics on brain functions fundamental to human performance, and also relevant in cognitive conditions. High-level mental processing Is required to perform NeuroTracker at increasing speed thresholds.

These measures have been found to differentiate elite performers from amateurs, reveal characteristics of brain development with age, identify impairment with healthy aging or learning related disorders, and possibly to  help to detect functional – related brain damage, such as with concussions, and reveal non – contact sports injury risks.


NeuroTracker is a simple training exercise to do and requires virtually no prior experience, technique, or practice to perform the task itself. It can be done in as little as a few minutes each day, so it can easily fit within the schedule of peoples’ lives. Performing NeuroTracker at speed thresholds evokes powerful responses in brain activity, becoming a valuable reference and stimulant of neuroplasticity.

Superior NeuroTracker learning rates have been found to be a defining characteristic of elite athletes and performers and has been found to be strong in improving cognitive conditions as they diminish with time and age.


NeuroTracker has been found to be extremely effective in terms of real world transfer and application. It has been shown to reveal significant improvements with different populations across many high level cognitive abiltiies, such as executive function and working memory. These are known to be critical for mental performance and a wide range of other cognitive related conditions.

Enhance High-Level Cognitive Function

NeuroTracker evolved out of a pure science approach through years of research at Prof. Faubert’s Visual Psychophysics & Perception Laboratory.  Designed to uniquely measure and enhance high-level cognitive function, it has become established as a valuable research tool for understanding human performance.


Executive Function

Focuses in on your functionality in organizing, planning, and prioritizing.

Peripheral Vision

Sense motion by being able to see objects at wide angles without turning your head.

Visual Info. Processing

Process and analyze accurately what is being seen and storing it in visual memory for later use.

Working Memory

Improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning through your day.


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