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The new Desksurfer is a patent pending balance platform providing clinicians with an adjustable stability balance training device.  The real benefit of this product is the 360 degrees of rotation and 20 degrees of ankle plantar and dorsiflexion that can be achieved with complete control of patient challenge. The stability is adjusted via a simple hand pump with gauge, or bicycle pump, and eliminates the need for multiple stability and balance aids. Rigidity can be varied from 0-15 PSI, and any level between. This range accommodates patient requiring a stable platform to highly functioning athletic users. Hand crafted in Southern California adds to the “cool” factor- and priced to allow multiple devices to be put to work in the rehabilitation practice.
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Studies over and over again tell us that “sitting is the new smoking”. Well, standing during periods can help, but to really rev up the metabolism and maximize standing benefits you need to move!       Our patent pending design allows adjustable stability  and 360 degrees of rotation with up to 20 degrees of deflection, eliciting increased metabolism, improved balance, circulation and  cognitive benefits.
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