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Korebalance® about us Thank you for visiting the Korebalance website! Korebalance is a cornerstone of our Total Solutions program, where we provide evidence based, non pharm solutions to many of the challenges seen with patients, athletes, and seniors. The Korebalance® is an FDA recognized advanced rehabilitation system designed for professional use that uses cutting edge interactive technology to deliver neurosensory training and assessment. The platform uses a high-speed accelerometer for 360 degrees horizontal and 20 degrees vertical movement tracking. The balance training system offers a stable ingress and egress surface, safety handrails, attachment points for exercise bands, and large surface LCD touchscreens.Using patent pending variable stability technology, the Korebalance® offers clinicians accurate and objective tools to assess patients' balance, that include static and dynamic balance tests and computerized variations of the standardized tests known as the mCTSIB, the Romberg Test and LOS tests. The Korebalance® also offers training programs developed to improve balance, posture, coordination, stability and mental acuity. The programs use interactive 3D games to engage patients in various exercises and enable clinicians to customize treatment plans.  The Korebalance® is available in several editions: the Korebalance Premiere models 19 and 22, the Korebalance Kompact, the Korebalance Basic and the Korebalance Mobile. The Premiere models offer training and testing sessions for balance, cognition, or both. Clinicians can store patients' test results and compare them to assess mental decline as well as improvement and regression in patients recovering after a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), or concussion. The applications available include orthopedic rehabilitation, fall risk screening and rehabilitation, mTBI treatment and assessment, and treatment of peripheral neuropathies. These can be used in physical and occupational therapy, sports training, neurology, long term care and industrial medicine. We look forward to working with you to address your clients and patients balance and cognition challenges.
Dean Sbragia, CEO